Wednesday, January 27, 2010

we can read!

yes, believe it or not . . . we can read, and because of that, we are starting our very own reference library. we have some ideas of books and magazines we want, but thought it would be fun to ask you girls if you have any suggestions. please help!

ps. some books & mags on our list so far.

tony duquette
more is more: tony duquette
valentino a grand italian epic
avedon fashion: 1944 - 2000
lula magazine
paper magazine


Gabriela said...

Nylon magazine :)

Hannah L. said...

Tim Walker's books are my absolute favorite. The book House of Viktor and Rolf is awe-inspiring as well. That duo blows me out of the water! I haven't read Kelly Wearstler's Hue yet, but I'm sure it will my heart skip a few beats. And Gypet Style by Julia Chaplin is so fun. As for magazines, I love looking through foreign editions of elle, vogue, w, numero, nylon, etc. Vogue Nippon(Japan) is especially exciting for me. Enjoy!

jen gotch said...

thanks, girls.

Celia said...

the avedon book is AMAZING. i saw his exhibition in sf and almost died. he's my favorite. :)

so, not for READING, but awesome
the sartorialist's book
fruits (or any japanese street style book)

jen gotch said...

thank you, thank you. keep'em coming.