Sunday, January 24, 2010

the tight off

and no, we did not take our tights off. since it's been a bit cold here in l.a. (below 70 degrees), all the girls at have been wearing our best tights. so we decided that we would have an office wide competition to see who had the best of the best. well let's just say that these girls play hard ball. i just grabbed my sparkliest (not a word, i know) pair of tights and thought i would take it, but oh how wrong i was. these girls brought the lace, the leopard, the shine, the fishnet and the sequins. it was tough, but the sequins took it. madeline, our winner, actually hand stitched sequins onto her tights. uh-may-zing! the prize was gonna just be candy, cause we love us some candy, but madeline decided she would like a cupcake instead. congrats, maddy. now what competition should we have next? we were thinking either best nails or best fake eye lashes. do you guys have any ideas? oh, and which pair of tights would you vote for?

ps. click on the image to make it big enough to properly judge.

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anna lisa said...

I like the one on the bottom left- black with the pink socks and wicked shoes!

Celia said...

i'm liking the grey lacies on the bottom right corner, for sure. so french!
do a lipstick competition!