Thursday, February 4, 2010

yes to the please: hair inspiration.

out of all of us, i think jamie would be the first to try this. she has a history of pink hair. also, she should wear heart b, cause it would look really cute on her.

oh, and listen. we don't mean to be bossy, but we insist that you sign up for dailycandy deals, cause if you do, you will get the secret coupon code for 30% off of any non-sale (that means, heart,, bridal . . . etc.). so c'mon already. and tell your friends. tweet about it. they will love your for it!!

pretty picture of our pink haired lovely from australian vogue.


Nicole said...

When does it expire?

Tiffany said...

Yeah! So glad I headed over to get the code! I love and I love daily candy!

I just placed my order :) This will be my second order and I am so excited! You guys were totally sweet to me the last time I ordered (I think it was called "she smells like ambrosia"). Can't wait for my new hair pretties to get here!

Kat said...

for pink hair! i think i need one of these in my life to match my fuschia tresses

jen gotch said...

nicole. you have at least a week, maybe longer.

tiffany, hooray for your second order.

kat, fuschia tresses . . . jamie is gonna be jealous

Marisa said...

is it too late for this code?