Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Project Runway Finale!

photo courtsey of mylifetime.com 

Sorry readers that this post is so late! We have been extremely busy at ban.do (we are sooo lucky!) but we couldn't go without commenting on the amazingness that is Project Runway. We will miss our weekly dose of Tim Gunn & Heidi's outfits/hairstyles (can the girl just not look good one time..???) So let's discuss! We must admit we loved how adorable Carol Hannah is and this was one of our personal fav designs (Hello cute party dress!) But all three ladies did a tremendous job on their collections. Runway shows are always super exciting to watch and this one was no exception! We were perched on the edge of our seats until the very end... and Irina did deserve the win! Her collection of chunky knits, intricate detail, and metallics were absolutely stunning - though we think some pops of color would have been great too. But she put her looks together fabulously. The gloves, the purses and those hats.... Oh those hats were beyond! Although the show is about making beautiful garments it was nice to see accessories worked into the runway to pull the looks together. Plus, we'd love to rock one of those cozy sweaters wearing heart d. Glamour at its finest! :) What did you ladies think about the finale? Were you surprised? Disappointed? Spill it in the comments section!! xoxo

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